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SanDiego Telugu Association (SANTA) cordially invites you all to join us at Sankranthi Sambaralu 2021. We are switching to Virtual platform for these celebrations.

Below is the line up of competitions in Sankranthi Sambaralu. 

1) Sankranthi Muggulu Poti Competition (Jan 8- Jan 15th, 2021)
2) Sankranthi Wishes Video (Jan8- Jan12th, 2021

3) Sankranthi Kids Competition (Details Soon!)

We will be hosting Sankranthi Virtual Meet & Greet for SANTA community on Zoom platform on Jan17th 2021 with entertainment. Winners will be announced during this session

Competition#1 Sankranthi Muggulu Poti
* To participate, you need to upload pictures of your Sankranthi Muggulu. Pictures must be submitted without any names on it. 

* Your Muggulu can be as creative as you want - chalk, colors, on the ground or on a chart, flowers etc., Unleash your creativity!
* There will be 3 winners. Participant with maximum FB likes will be chosen as winner. We will assign a number to each entry and post them anonymously to get unbiased Likes*  

*Deadline to submit your entries: Friday Jan 15th, 2021 by 8pm. 
Click here to review the competition guidelines and submit your entries

#2 Sankranthi Wishes Videos 
* Dress up in festive attire and send us a short video (15-20 secs max) with Sankranthi wishes to the community.
* Video will be incorporated with all entries and consolidated one will be released on Sankranthi day on SANTA website and social media sites.
* Encourage to Include entire family in the video
* Background song will be played so no need for any dialogues (Just big smiles:-)
* Sankranthi Props, backgrounds will be nice additions
* Deadline to submit your entries: Friday Jan 12th, 2021 by 8pm.
Click here to review the submission guidelines and submit your entries

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