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Get your friends logged on and lets have a fun-for-the-whole-family evening of virtual bingo. Exciting prices including gift cards to the winners!! 

Event Date:- Dec12, 2020

Time:- 7pm onwards
Location:- Virtual (Zoom Platform)


** There will be multiple opportunities for everyone to win. Separate prizes for each column and full house (winner\runner-up) ***

Details of the event:

1. Registration is required to participate in this Virtual Bingo Night. 
2. Each Bingo card costs $5.  You can purchase more than 1 card if multiple family members are participating.
Registration deadline : Dec 10th,2020 

4. Event will be hosted on Zoom on Dec12th starting 7pm. All participants should have access to Zoom. We will email you the Bingo card and Zoom login details prior to the event

5. For any additional queries, you can drop an email to

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