SANTA invites you all to join us for festival celebrations at Ugadi Ullasam 2021. We have great line up of cultural events featuring classical dances, burra katha, classical music & high energy tollywood songs. There are more than 50+ local artists participating in the event . We have quizzes for audience with exciting gifts. There are multiple opportunities for viewers to win prizes through out the show.


Subscribe today to SANTA Youtube Channel.  We have a special raffle exclusively for newly joined SANTA Youtube channel subscribers between 4/9 to 4/17.


Be part of SANTA UGADI Celebrations, Support our local talent & win exciting prizes!!!

Dont miss the show..  Event starts at 7PM PST on April 17,2021
Location:- Virtual platform (Youtube & SANTA Website)

We are thankful to all Ugadi Ullasam Sponsors!!!! 
Below is our Sponsors list

Grand Sponsors 
Vani Bobba Garu (Real Estate & Mortgage Broker)
Shri ChandraShekar Reddy Garu (SANTA Chairman)

Gold Sponsors
Yuvika Jewellary


Silver Donors
Siya Ensemble

Lakshmi Tirunagari Garu

Grand Sponsors Info
Vani Bobba Garu (Real Estate & Mortgage Broker)
Vani is a seasoned Real Estate & Mortgage Broker. She provides top notch customer service by being consultative and approachable. She has been helping home buyers find their home of choice and earn top dollars for sellers for over 16 years. She understands buying and selling homes is very emotional and approaches it with a strong understanding of her client needs and gives each interaction all her attention. She is an expert negotiator who understands market dynamics and using her vast experience is able to close deals that help her build professional relationships.  Her peers consider her fair, trustworthy,  and  easy to work with.

Shri Chandra Shekar Reddy Garu (SANTA Chairman)
Shri Chandra Shekar Reddy is the founding Trustee, Chairman of SANTA and also was the one who gave the name SANTA. Over the course of the last 26years; he has sponsored many SANTA programs, directed many SANTA events and programs. His main motivation is the love for children and to see them on the stage with colors. He worked towards growing the organization and promoting good volunteers who can become the community leaders. His goal was also to see the united Telugu community in San Diego, together celebrating and promoting our culture. His wife Dr. Manorama Reddy has also supported SANTA in many ways